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Gender & Diversity Board

The Gender & Diversity Board (GDB) functions as a consulting institution for gender and diversity at TUM. Actions recommended by the GDB are represented by the Senior Vice President - Diversity & Talent Management in the TUM Board of Management. In the context of opinion making processes the GDB offers the opportunity to obtain the expert opinion of its board members on a broad scale.
The board’s strategic aim is the continuing implementation of equality and equal opportunities at TUM. As advocates of these issues GDB members stimulate awareness for diversity within the university. In doing so, the GDB aims at the best possible consideration of all TUM members’ interests and needs.

Current Members of the Gender & Diversity Board

The GDB consists of members from the central administration, the departments and TUM Graduate School. The board members form the link to research management, to research institutes and educational institutions on all three TUM locations. For the term 2013-2015 board members are:


Coordination of the Gender & Diversity Board: Laura Wildenrotter

A Brief History of the Board

A Gender Board was founded in 2007 under the direction of then Vice President Dr. Hannemor Keidel. Along with its advisory function to the TUM Board of Management, the initial role of the Gender Board was to develop and implement gender equality measures within the scope of the university's first excellence initiatives. A strategic reorientation of the board and expansion of its focus to include a broad range of diversity matters took place in 2009 under the direction of Senior Vice President Prof. Dr. Thomas Hofmann.